Connecting With Social Media

Connecting your blog with a few social media properties is a must in today’s online world.

You can start with your favorite, but depending on your blog’s topic, you should consider at a min the following social networks:

  • Facebook Page (a must)
  • Twitter (a must, especially in the US)
  • Pinterest (worth setting up in my opinion)
  • Instagram (if your topic relates well to photos & imagery)
  • Google + (if your audience is techy)
  • LinkedIn (if your topic is business related)

The main reason you want to setup these accounts is so that your audience can share and talk about your blog with their friends. So as your blog grows, having these connections to social media will help it grow faster and bigger.

You can also use these properties to actively advertise your blog. Advertising on Facebook for likes is very cheap, and if setup properly can cost you less than 1 cent per follower.

I will be adding additional tutorials to show you exactly how to set these up step by step, but in the mean time, if you have any questions, just ask.

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