About Us

In 1997 two friends got together to try and work out a way of getting ahead in life financially.  They were both self employed in their own business’s but decided that the internet was going to be the income tool of the future.

Back then, they fumble and stumbled around for about a year learning different techniques and systems commonly used within the internet at that time.  Today, fifteen years later they are what are commonly known, authorities within the industry.  They have a highly respected consultancy for private clients as well as a large number of high earning websites.

This expertise and experience will all available to you through this website, with their free tutorials and information articles.


Their latest site, multi.mikesblogdesign.com/howtostartyourownblog is designed with the average person in mind who does not have the knowledge that they feel they may need to start their on blog or website, just like the two of them back in 1997.