Top Pros and Cons of Starting a Weight Loss Blog

Did you know that more than 1.9 billion adults aged 18 years and above are overweight, while 650 million of these are obese? There are a lot of possible reasons why one can go over the ideal weight and people fail to realize that there are risks along with it. Risks that if taken lightly, may cause severe illnesses which may lead to death.

In today’s modern world where everything is preferred to be readily available or instantly available, people are drawn to convenience at the cost of a healthy lifestyle. Instead of preparing a balanced meal for the day, people are opting for takeaways from a fast food restaurant or are already satisfied with junk food. After all, they seem to be too busy to prepare for their own meal, or at least go to places that serve healthy meals.

Over the years, society has witnessed the harsh reality of obesity or being overweight. It has claimed countless lives, both young and old and innocent. Leaving families with guilt that could have been avoided if only they have realized what to do before it was too late.

Why start a Weight Loss Blog?

Why start a Weight Loss Blog?

Today, people are already starting to take this issue seriously by starting the necessary changes within themselves. Promoting self-awareness and self-regard that serve as motivation to act on it especially to those who really need to. These modern-day heroes are called weight loss bloggers, their initiatives are inspiring more and more obese and overweight people to start the change that they need today, one pound at a time.

The most common reason why people start a weight loss blog is because the author may have been an obese once. Writing his or her weight loss journey is a success story that will help others take the same path. Some other reasons are:


Weight loss bloggers feel personally accountable when they write about their weight loss journey. Some also rely on readers for accountability and support in achieving their goals.


Bloggers are motivated to continue to do what they are doing while looking for better ways to do it. Blogging makes them keep track of their progress and every step is a progress, no matter how small.

Share Journey

There is no better feeling than being able to share a successful weight loss journey. This can be an eye opener to other obese and / or overweight people so they can re-focus and set their priorities right.

Make a Difference

Weight loss blogging may sound insignificant, but bloggers make a difference by being an example. They save lives by pushing others to do the same thing.

What Should You Discuss in Your Weight Loss Blog?

Writers should be careful about what to discuss in their blog as the topic is sensitive and may include feelings and emotions that connect to personal space.

What Motivated You to Talk About Weight Loss

Not all weight loss bloggers share the same motivation. Reasons can be intrinsic or extrinsic and it is important to be honest about it because this will define who your audiences will be.

Goal Specific

It is important to set a specific goal on the onset of the blog or journey. This way, readers will feel more involved and aware of what is going on.


Being a blogger makes you a public figure. And it means you should be transparent in your daily routine as much as possible. Share how you start your day, how you end it and everything in between.

Meal Plan

Regardless if you do have a meal plan or not, it is important to write about what you eat. Your audience will most definitely ask for it and if you’re eating wrong, you may just get the advice you need from your audience.


Remember that no progress is progress no matter how small. So, celebrate every small victory and be sure to celebrate it with your audience.

Before and After

Let your audience see the difference by highlighting before and after comparisons. You can do this by photo comparison or by numerical or historical comparison, an example is your before and after weight.

Mental and Emotional Well-being

Your mental and emotional well-being are just as important as your physical well-being. Discuss how the routine and lifestyle changes affect you mentally and emotionally.

Pros of Starting a Weight-loss Blog

Pros of Starting a Weight-loss Blog

Having a weight-loss blog puts you in a lot of advantage in terms of overall well-being. Below are some of the advantages that you can get with a weight loss blog:


For as long as you stick to your best practices or effective routines, you will be healthier. Better sleep, fewer headaches, improved breathing, better mobility, your overall well-being will improve.

Self Confidence

You become a new and better version of yourself and continue to improve in every updated blog post. There is a boost in your self-esteem, and you’ll be more open to challenges. Your life will be more interesting as you open doors and windows for opportunities.

Better Network

With more blog posts, your online network will grow, giving you an opportunity to inspire more and more people.

Make Money

As your network grows, making money will be easier. Just be reminded that making money is not your ultimate goal, be authentic and stay committed.

Cons of Starting a Weight-Loss Blog

Cons of Starting a Weight-Loss Blog

Weight-loss blogging puts you in the spotlight among friends and families and even strangers. It comes with disadvantages such as:

Less Privacy

People will know that you are not satisfied with your current self as you struggle for improvement. Private space becomes a little smaller as you will have to share most of what you do including anxieties and failures. You will have to keep an open mind and prepare for unsolicited comments.


You need to be consistent and make sure that you see through your public declaration on the onset of your weight loss journey. Whether it be success or failure, you should let the audience know what happened and what your plans are. Do not let one failure stop you and never leave your audience hanging.

Hormonal Changes

Along with the desired weight loss, your hormones will most likely be changed especially for girls. Menstrual cycle will be messed up, periods could be longer or shorter, heavier or lighter.

Make A Difference, Share Your Weight Loss Journey Now

Keep in mind that the internet is a community that is just as good as any physical communities. Weight-loss blogging aims to create a supportive community where readers are expected to be actively engaged. This community is highly interconnected with likeminded individuals supporting each other through linking related blog posts and offering relevant advice.

Starting a weight loss blog is a huge step outside of your comfort zone. Unlike the other types of blogs, this one will have many ups and downs. Whenever you feel like quitting, look back and remember why you started. Review your goals and stay motivated. Losing weight is a favor for yourself, but sharing it is an act that will make a difference to a lot of people. Once you accomplish your goal and reach your ideal weight, remember that it doesn’t mean that your story also ends, but you can either stop there or continue sharing what you do to maintain your weight after.

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