Considering Starting a Short Story Blog?

Writers who are trying to promote their work can create blogs to introduce the public to their written word and creative tales.  Short story blogs make an ideal way to spread your fictional writing work across the globe and to gain attention of possible literary agents.  For people who simply enjoy writing as a hobby and want to share their works with family and friends, short story blogs make it easy to accomplish this task.  People can log on each week or each day to read the new stories you have posted.

Short story blogs can be anywhere from five hundred words to two thousand words.  These lengths of stories make ideal entries for short story blogs and provide people with a small sample of your work.  You can write your stories connected to one another, where they follow the same plot or characters; or you can create entirely new short stories with each individual posts.  At the blog mission statement or introduction, it is a good idea to introduce yourself and your writing style and background.  This provides readers with some insight as to what type of stories they can expect to read.

You may also consider giving tips about how to write short stories, where new writers can post short stories on the web, and how to go about getting short story collections published.  When you combine your own stories with blogs that also provide detailed information to people that will encourage them to pursue their own writing, you will find that more and more readers will be attracted to your blog and this will further promote your writing.

Creating a short story blog is a wonderful way to simply indulge in a creative outlet that allows you full opportunity to pursue your love of writing.  You can tell science fiction stories, romantic stories, suspense, murder and mystery stories, humorous stories, and historical short stories.  Every single genre has a loyal following that is wide spread across the globe.  Transforming your writing from just you seeing it to making it available for the world to see will increase your confidence and encourage you to write more.

You can also get valuable feedback from other writers as they read over your short story blog.  You may offer tips that they can add to, or they may have objective comments about your plots, characters, or writing style that can be a valuable tool in helping you to perfect your writing.  Writers must write daily in order to improve their talent.  Fine tuning a skill such as writing occurs by writing as much as possible, getting feedback, and then using the feedback as it fits.

If you have wondered how to start a blog and are ready to begin developing your short story blog, you can use the blog tutorial found on this website.  The tutorial will walk you through a very simple 5 step process of building a blog and will provide you with all the information you need to get you started. You will have you very own blog setup and running within the hour, Click Here to find out more

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