How to Start an Automobile Insurance Blog

Yes, blogging is not just for influencers and tech geeks! There are numerous benefits to be achieved through blogging by an automobile insurance agency or company.

Your potential customers probably have many questions about car insurance: traditionally, people would get answers through the phone or visit an insurance office. Thanks to technology, they now have access to these answers online.

So, the question you need to ask is who they get their answers from, if not from your blog?

Well, if you have a car insurance website but are not keen on blogging, they are probably getting their questions answered by your competition; and that is where your sales are going! When your customers acquire information through your competitors’ blogs, they are likely to visit their website, thus driving more traffic to their website instead of yours. This is one of the key reasons why blogs are important for insurance agencies and companies.

Here we will look at the pros and cons of starting an automobile insurance blog and how you can go about creating a useful blog for your insurance business.

Content Is Key!

Content Is Key!

Blogging is all about content. If you do not provide your audience with relevant content, then your blogging efforts will be useless.

As a player in the car insurance industry, you should be conversant with the topics that would benefit your potential clients.

Here are three ideas you can use for your car insurance blog content:

Dive into the frequently asked questions (FAQS)

What questions have you had to answer repeatedly from your potential customers? And what are the answers to these FAQs? FAQs and their solutions can be an excellent foundation for your blog content. Some examples of FAQs topics you can use for your blog include:

  • Does the type of vehicle have an impact on car insurance premium rates?
  • A step by step guide on what to do when you are involved in an accident
  • How to make savings on your car insurance

FAQs are a great insight into want your customers want! And thus, make an excellent option for blog content.

Solve your customer’s pain points

Are your customers having issues with lengthy automobile insurance claims processes? Or are they finding it difficult to get accurate premium estimates? Well, whatever their pain points, they form a good base for content creation/blogging.

Customers are often looking for solutions to their problems/ pain points! They will, therefore, be willing to go through an article or blog post that addresses these issues.

Make sure that you don’t generalize these pinpoints into one blog post; instead, address these issues according to your “buyer personas” in different articles.

For Instance, a middle-aged man who is a road-travel enthusiast will probably have different concerns about car insurance than a middle-aged man who sparingly uses his vehicle for errands only.

Use Infographics

Infographics refer to the representation of data and information in graphic format. Infographics are a great source of blog content as they provide information in a straightforward and quick to understand the structure.

Consider doing infographics on topics that would interest your target audience. For Instance, you could do an infographic blog post on the statistics of winter-related traffic accidents. Here you can highlight the dangers involved in driving during this season while showcasing your auto insurance products.

What are the Pros of Starting a Car Insurance Blog?

What are the Pros of Starting a Car Insurance Blog?

Build rapport and establish expertise

Blogging on the topics that answer your customer concerns can help you establish and build rapport with your target audience. Besides, you can use blog posts to elicit your readers’ emotions by making them feel like they are part and parcel of your business, thus building rapport.

Blog posts are a great way of confirming your expertise in the automobile insurance industry: They provide a forum to showcase your industry knowledge/expertise. Besides, your customers get to consider you as a “thought leader” in your industry through the blog content you provide.

Increase traffic to your website and increased sales

Blog posts are the right way of redirecting traffic to your website. For Instance, you can adhere to SEO’s (search engine optimization) best practices such as using keywords and backlinks in your blog posts, which increases traffic to your website, hence leading to an increase in closed deals.

Great for social media use and exposure

Having a social media presence is crucial for any business in this day and age. Therefore, you can use your blog posts as part of your social media marketing strategy by posting them on the platforms or setting up your blog with widgets that automatically link to your social media pages.

What are the Cons of Starting an Automobile Insurance Blog?

What are the Cons of Starting an Automobile Insurance Blog?

Blogging requires time and commitment

Starting a car insurance blog would be futile if there is no commitment to produce new content continually; this requires time and effort on your part. Search engines are always looking for fresh, relevant content when ranking websites; for this reason, it is essential to keep your “content flowing.”

Besides, a lack of interest in updating content will make your company seem lazy and incompetent to some of your customers. Therefore, it is best to hire SEO experts to produce quality content when starting a blog if you cannot regularly create new content.

Starting a successful car insurance Blog

Step 1: Add a blog page to your website

If you already have an established website, ask your web designer to add a blog page. You should ensure that the page’s design is attractive (complements the website’s overall design) and easy to navigate.

Step 2: Write Top-Notch Content

Bear in mind that your blog’s main aim should be to educate and inform your target audience. Your blog should, therefore, not depict an overbearing sales or marketing pitch. Some of the best practices of content creation when starting an automobile insurance blog include:

  • Create unique content: content that is useful and adds value to readers.
  • Use a catchy/ thought-provoking title.
  • Use long-tail keywords that are likely to get you ranked higher by search engines.
  • Update your content regularly.

Step 3: Start and Learn as you Go

Do not be afraid to take the first step of starting your blog! Start your blog and learn as you go by, continually evaluating your milestones. For Instance, increased traffic to a particular blog post signifies high interest in the topic and vice versa; such information can help you decide on issues to concentrate on.


The automobile insurance business is a thriving business, as it is mandatory (in most countries and states) for car owners to have this type of insurance. Because of this, there is stiff competition in the industry, and any insurance company or agency that wants to flourish ‘must do business in a way that stands out.’ One way of achieving this is by starting an automobile insurance blog!

A blog can help your car insurance business stand out from the crowd by increasing traffic to your website which translates to increased sales. Blogging can also help you build rapport with your customers while establishing you as an industry expert. Start your blog today.

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