How to Start a Battlefield Blog

There are thousands of soldiers of all military branches who are currently serving their country in foreign wars. Having military family members abroad can be just as difficult for the families left behind as it is for the soldiers on the battlefield. Keeping in contact with servicemen and women on the battlefield can prove to be challenging. Starting a battlefield blog can be a great way to keep in contact with servicemen and women who are serving abroad.

The benefits of using a battlefield blog, as opposed to traditional email, is it allows a soldier to make one post that family and friends can see and keep up-to-date with the soldier’s wellbeing. Many times, the opportunity for a soldier to make contact with family and friends is extremely limited and forces the soldier to choose who to contact. With a battlefield blog, this is all but eliminated.

Blogs have the ability to allow for comments or questions to be posted to the blog by readers. For business blogs or blogs about specific subjects, this works to let readers know that someone is out there reading what the author is posting. In the case of a battlefield blog, this would allow family and friends to easily respond to the soldier which the soldier will see the next time he or she logs on to the blog.

Many blogs also allow the ability to post photos and videos. Soldiers on the battlefield can choose to post content in text format only or a combination of all three. A soldier can easily post photos of himself for the enjoyment of his family and friends. Additionally, he or she could add segments of a video diary or video directed to his or her children. The opportunities are limitless but do rely heavily on the amount of time the soldier will have to make the posts.

Blogs can work the opposite way as well. A soldier’s spouse can start a blog and keep a journal of the day’s events that a soldier can enjoy when the time allows. Pictures can be posted so that the soldier can see how his or her children are growing up. Videos can be posted to give the soldier to watched missed moments in his or her absence such as baby’s first steps. The ideas here are limitless as well.

Starting a battlefield blog is not difficult at all. One can start a blog quickly and easily by using a blog hosting website. These websites allow users to create a blog and have it hosted on the website for little to no money at all. Users can pick from a predetermined amount of blog templates that allow for quick setup. This does however, limit the customization options. To expand customization options, then starting a blog from scratch is the way to go. This method does require some investments for the hosting and domain name. One can find help on how to make a blog from the how-to guide provided on this website.

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