How to Start a Cooking Blog

Since cooking is an activity that is done by nearly everybody, people like to share recipes, methods, and cooking ideas with each other.  One effective way to share and encourage sharing these things is through a cooking blog.  Cooking is an activity that can be done alone or as a group and has a number of benefits, it’s not only a requirement for preparing the food our bodies need for nourishment but it is also an activity that can bring friends and families closer together.

Blogs are very flexible when it comes to the type of content that can be provided on them.  The world of cooking in itself is so broad that this can make the opportunities endless.  So, the first thing to consider before starting a cooking blog is to determine what content to provide.  This can be as simple as sharing cooking stories or just sharing family recipes.  It can also be as broad as sharing ideas and recipes for specific cooking styles such as French, Italian, or Chinese cuisine.

Posting of blog content is typically done in text format which can be useful when sharing recipes or stories. Many blogs also give owners the options to post photos or videos directly to the blog site.  Pictures and Videos can be very helpful when providing things such as tutorial to show readers how a specific cooking process is done. They can be useful to help show readers exactly what a specific cooking utensils looks like or can be a way to show readers what the finished product will look like.

Once you have decided what sort of content you’re going to have on your own blog, to choose how and where to create it is the next thing to consider. Blogs can easily be added to an existing website such as a business or a personal website or can be published on a website of its own with its own domain.  The advantages of doing this are it can drive traffic to the website so people will view the other content available as well as enhance a visitor’s overall experience when visiting the website. Hosting a blog on an individual website does involve some monetary investment for web hosting as well as for the domain name. Generally speaking, web hosting fee’s are about $7.00 a month and a domain name can be under $10.00 a year.

Another option to publishing a blog on your own individual website is to host the blog on a  blogging website. There are a number of websites available whose sole purpose is to provide a place for people to store and publish their own personal blog.  These sites will typically offer this service for a small nominal fee and in some cases as a free service. They also offer blog templates that are easy to set up and can be done by amateur bloggers with no website creation experience. This does come with a disadvantage of being limited to the templates provided, and you will not have your own individual name, it will be a tag on on the end of there’s. You can learn more about how to start your own a blog with the easy to use tutorial found on our homepage.

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