How to Start a Gardening Blog

Gardening blogs are some of the most entertaining and informative blogs to read.  Gardening blogs are popular because amateurs and experienced gardeners alike love to read over new gardening tips, planting suggestions, and landscaping ideas for their lawns, gardens, and flower beds.  From vegetable gardens to flower and rock gardens, these blogs continue to attract readers by the droves.  If you enjoy gardening and would like to begin a gardening blog to share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas, you may discover that many readers will be drawn to read what you have to say.

The first thing to do when you are trying to learn how to start a blog is to check out the tutorial on this website by Clicking Here.  The informative tutorial takes you through each step of creating a blog, from beginning to end.  Every detail you need to know to create the perfect blog, you will be able to find in the free tutorial.  Once you have the technical side of building a blog mastered, you can then begin to focus on the content that you will incorporate into your blog.

It is a good idea to begin a blog with an introduction or a mission statement.  This lets readers know what to expect and what kind of gardening tips, stories, or advice they will find in your blog.  When blogs are written in a conversational style, this tends to attract and hold the attention of the readers.  Readers do not want to feel like they are reading a dry version of a textbook when they are going over hobby blogs.  A gardening blog would be considered a hobby/pastime blog and can fall into categories such as landscaping, lawn and garden, outdoors, planting, and nature categories.

Gardening blogs should cover basic gardening information so beginners can read and learn and continue to advance in their gardening skills as they follow along with your blog over time.  Including information such as what type of soil to use on potted plants, what is the best way to prevent weeds from taking over gardens, and how to begin a deck or kitchen garden will keep the interest of a diverse crowd of readers.  If someone has never considered beginning an herb garden but then reads about herb garden basics in your blog and puts your advice to practice, you have then acquired a new loyal reader.

You can also gain advertisers for your blog by advertising the blog on social media sites.   If your blog draws a significant amount of readers, gardening companies will begin to show an interest in advertising on your blog website.  These companies may consist of seed companies, floral shops, hardware stores, and landscaping companies.  This can open up the possibility of you earning a decent income simply by committing to your gardening blog.  Long-term, successful blogs have a solid foundation by providing basic information, unique tips that are helpful, and a touch of entertainment.  Telling a few small personal stories or sharing a funny experience that occurred while gardening will help to keep readers engaged and interested in your blog while they learn from your gardening experiences.

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