Starting a Movie Blog: Top Pros and Cons

Movies have become the foundation of some of humanity’s favorite experiences such as romance, comedy, drama or horror. With the world becoming more and more digitally inclined, movies old and new are within everyone’s reach. One movie stimulates thousands, if not millions of different minds, each with their own unique understanding of that same movie.

The diverse interpretation from the vast audience around the globe creates the need to have a platform that the people can use to let their voices be heard. A platform that would become a safe space for people to discuss in detail how they think of a movie, in fact, what they think of a hundred different movies. This is exactly why a movie blog exists, to either help shed light to confused people or to ask for help when movies are difficult to interpret.

What should you discuss in your movie blog?

What should you discuss in your movie blog?

There are tons of things you can discuss in a movie blog, but a plain discussion of the movie would make it too normal or simply boring. Here are some things you need to discuss in your movie blog:

1. Niche

Find your niche and focus on that. It is important to set expectations for your audience to know exactly what you will focus on. Doing this will help you capture your target audience and gives you a better chance at improving through reviewing and learning from different bloggers with the same niche. You can focus on a particular genre whether it be drama, horror, comedy, etc.

2. Movie Highlights

It is important that you capture most if not all the movie highlights and say something about it. Being able to discuss the important sections of a movie creates a connection between you and the readers. This will entice readers to continue to read as they share the same experience you have had with the movie.

3. Describe the Characters

You need to understand the protagonist, antagonist and all the supporting characters. No matter how small the role that they portrayed, these characters may be significant to the movie just like Stan Lee’s cameos on every Marvel Movie. So, it is important to have a keen eye and talk about all the characters that you think are important. Chances are that readers may have missed these details and you just shed the light on them. That will help you earn loyal readers.

4. Plot

Talk about the plot, how it affected you or what your expectations were versus what actually happened in the movie. It is important to be as personal as you can get in order for your blog to be more engaging. This will create an opportunity for your readers to communicate with you and share with you what they thought of the plot too.

5. Ending

Never forget to talk about the ending. A movie’s ending is the most important part of it. You should always talk about what you think of the ending as it is supposed to answer all the questions raised in the duration of the movie. Talk about alternative endings or a more deserving ending that you prefer. Discuss if you think a sequel is needed or if the ending just raised even more questions than answers. This is the perfect opportunity to attract your readers to start an engagement with you.

6. Moral

No matter how bad or good the movie, try to bring out the moral of the movie. Highlight the lessons that people can get and apply into their own lives.

7. Casts, Directors and Staff

It is important to discuss how you think the actors did or the director and writers. Make it more personal and think of a way to provide an honest opinion about the team that created the movie. Let the audience know if you think the cast portrayed the characters very well or if it could have been given to a more suitable actor or actress. Try to analyze the director’s style as you may encounter more movies from him or her. Mention any memorable interviews from the casts or director.

8. Release Dates

Your audience will be a mixture of people who are searching for the next movie to watch and people who have watched the movie a hundred times. So it is important to mention the release dates and if there are any revival versions of the movie in order to make it easier for your readers.

9. Trailers

If you are blogging about an upcoming movie or a movie with a sequel, it is important that you let the audience know about any existing trailers. Talk about the trailer as if it’s the actual movie and throw in your best predictions on the outcome of the movie. This will definitely start a conversation between you and your audience. The better your predictions are, the more readers you’ll attract.

10. Review

Lastly, always leave your personal review of the movie. This is where you are free to criticize what you think is missing in the movie and acknowledge its best parts. There’s no wrong review for as long as you stick to what happened in the movie although you can always interpret it the way you see it. Your review will be the most important part of your blog as readers will either argue with you or agree with you.

What are the PROs of having a movie blog?

What are the PROs of having a movie blog?

1. Movies

Number one advantage is you get to watch a lot of movies and talk about it! What’s even better is that you’ll meet many like-minded people that will definitely help you understand the movies in ways that you may never have imagined.

2. Content

Unlike other types of blog, you have tons of sources you can count on for your next content. This eliminates the struggle that other bloggers experience with limited topics or inspirations. You can bookmark IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) for awesome information!

3. Network

You can grow your network by trying to engage with your readers. The more you talk to them, the more your network grows and you’ll have a better chance of getting loyal readers.

4. Original

Your blog, your opinion. You won’t have to be kind or biased or even creative. You just need to be relevant and keen to detail.

What are the CONs of having a movie blog?

1. Saturated

The internet is saturated with movie bloggers, in fact a quick Google search will give you at least a billion blogs in the internet.

2. Negative Feedback

With the internet filled with movie fans and movie bloggers, expect that you will be bashed most of the time especially when your content disagrees with their ideas. You should not be disappointed with this though as the more engagements you get, the more readers you are attracting. Just make sure to be professional as much as possible when dealing with these readers.

3. Consistent

In order to boost your blog’s reputation, you will have to be consistent in updating your blog. Writing a blog may take longer than the time you watched the movie and it can be exhausting if you did not understand the movie the first time.

4. Research

It is important to do research too and not rely too much on the movie alone. Backgrounds on what inspired the movie, why the casts were chosen and all the small details will require extensive research. Doing this will make your blog more interesting than the rest. Basic research sometimes will take days and requires you to keep an eye on any public appearances or interviews done by the cast in order to keep up with what’s new.

Start Your Movie Blog Now!

Become a destination for movie enthusiasts now! Feed your passion for movies. Discover, watch and discuss with the world the amazing stories that makes life more interesting. Be the reason why the world is connected to all their favorites in the past, present and the future. What are you waiting for? Start blog now!

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