Starting a News Blog: Top Pros and Cons

All new news is old news happening to new people.Malcolm Muggeridge

Generations old and new define News the same way – information about current events. However, the evolution of how the world gets access to news have come a very long way, from the traditional word of mouth to newspapers and prints, radio and tv and now the internet, where social media blogs are most popular. The difference between these generations is that the old one had limitations in spreading the news and keeping it for the generations to come while the new one spreads news too fast and may stay for as long as the internet is around.

Anyone can be a news provider or a journalist nowadays, and more people are becoming interested in it.

Why People Start a News Blog

1. Hobby in Writing

There are a lot of writers turned news bloggers simply because they love to write. To you it may only be a hobby but to the world, it means more than just that.

2. Self-Promotion

Being a news blogger can turn you into an icon in the digital world which gives you so much leverage in terms of personal brand and is a great platform to showcase your skills to potential employers or clients.

3. Share Knowledge

Some news bloggers are the type that really want to share what they know, as they see the value of the information that they have. Being able to record and share it to the world is rewarding to them.

4. Create Awareness

The world may have access to news old and new, but it has become hard to identify which is true and which is not. This has led some news bloggers to step up and shed the light to the world.

5. Create a Record

News blogging is so much more than just providing current events as it can keep records for a very long time. This allows the modern generation to have a glimpse of how it used to be before them.

What should you discuss in your news blog?

A news blog can discuss anything under the sun but focusing on certain topics can help bring more readers to your blog. Finding your niche will help you define your blog which will make it easier for your target audience to find it.

You need to keep in mind that there are countless of news blogs online so doing this will be an advantage. Here are some of the most important things that you should discuss in your news blog:

1. Relevant Content

Depending on your niche, it could be local or global news, sports news, political news, etc., it is important to create relevant content. Your contents should be relevant and timely. Historical topics are acceptable but remember that your blog aims to inform people of current events.

2. Content Structure

There are different types of writing your blog, some examples include investigative, opinion, sports, trade, etc. Depending on your style of writing, it is important to organize the structure of your content or how you convey your information or message.

As much as possible, show the readers immediately the most important facts or information followed by the important details then other background information. Using this structure will catch your readers’ attention more easily and it will be easier to follow through the story. The better you convey your message, the more loyal readers you’ll get.

3. References

Always show references that support your facts. This is one of the most important things to do in your news blog. Extensive research should be done and you should already verify your facts or claims before you publish your article. It’s fine to always include external links that would lead to your sources. Remember that having a news blog gives you a social and moral responsibility to show the truth.

4. Headline

Your headline should already tell a story. Writing your headline is just as important as the entire content itself. With an average online attention span of 8 seconds, you should already catch the attention of your audience through your headline.

A typical news blog headline should state what benefit will the reader get from reading the article, this means that you should state whatever questions answered or problems solved your content has. You can customize your headlines in every article that you write, check the response rate based on your headline style and choose whichever works best.

5. Answer the Five W’s (Who, What, Where, When & Why)

Being a news blogger already makes you an independent journalist. As a journalist, you should understand the five W’s of your content. Your audience will have questions as they continue reading your article so it is very important to answer all the possible questions in your article to satisfy the readers. As long as you are able to answer these five W’s, you can already create better content.

What are the PROs of having a news blog?

1. Improve your writing skills

Constant blogging will definitely improve your writing skills. What’s even better is that you will improve more than just your writing skills. Being a news blogger gives you a responsibility to create content based on facts so this will make you write responsibly. Your style in writing and the way you convey your messages will come from a disciplined point of view.

2. Learn new things

You get to learn new things proactively. Being a news blogger will make you an extensive researcher, one that is keen to detail and wants to dig deeper about the stated facts.

3. Educate others

Being among the first sources to inform the general public about anything, you get to educate people what’s going on and can even share recommended steps or action plans regarding the matter.

4. Manage Identity and Build Trust

The more authentic and reliable content you post, the more you build authority under your brand or name. This will make you known not only online but also in the industry.

5. Freedom

You will have freedom to choose how you would like to position yourself in the blogosphere. You have full control as to how you would like to convey messages and persuade readers whether it be expository, descriptive, persuasive or narrative. Once your identity is built, your blog will become one of the primary sources of news updates.

6. Make a difference

A news blog can make a lot of difference in the society. This is especially true when you provide reliable content regarding critical issues in the community. It is important to remember that your style of writing will be one of the factors of the difference you make. You can trigger emotions, motivate, inspire, disappoint among other things.

What are the CONs of having a news blog?

News blogging can be very rewarding in so many ways but you need also to consider the cons along with it.

1. Time consuming

As a news blogger, you will need to consider yourself as an expert even in your very first blog. This means that you will have to put extra work as you are still trying to identify the best practices as a writer. An ideal blog will require you to do extensive research which could take days at most.

2. Distraction

Your goal as a news blogger is to provide as many fresh updates as you can. This will easily get you distracted especially when you are still working on a certain topic then a new interesting topic pops up. Without enough motivation and passion, it can be exhausting and dragging.

3. Bashers

Becoming a news blogger is just as good as becoming a public figure. This means that you will be a target to criticisms both good and bad. You need to be prepared with the haters and bashers that you will come across at any point of your blogging career.

These people can be very harsh and unprofessional so you need to be able to absorb the good ones and learn from the bad ones. Never take it personally and always try to start a professional discourse.

4. Money making will take time

If this is your ultimate goal, then you will have to be patient enough to wait for that time to come. Building your brand will take years and earning loyal readers will take even more than that. So don’t make this your ultimate goal.

Start News Blogging Now

It is undeniable that with all that’s happening in our society, we need more people to inform us of what’s really going on. We need people who are dedicated to finding the truth and spreading it. So many people are distracted by the deafening noise that we are not even sure where it is coming from and what it wants us to hear. But with the help of news bloggers, people are somehow re-directed to the right direction.

What are you waiting for? Start making a difference and start your news blog now!

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